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Some of the Best Practice Takeaways From Unleashing The Crowd

The Way Crowdsourcing for Ideas is done now The Better Way: Unleashing the Crowd
The problem is defined by managers & crowd not allowed to redefine problem Crowd is encouraged to redefine problem as they solve it to get more innovation
Ideas are generated by each individual prior to joining the crowd Ideas are developed by individuals combining a variety of knowledge that crowd posts
Ideas are the sole focus Anyone can share any knowledge that they have about problem (not just ideas), allowing the “little guy” to contribute
Need lots of contributors to find the one that provides the best idea Don’t need lots of contributors; need more knowledge being shared about personal experiences with the problem
Individuals must offer well-developed idea proposals Knowledge shared in short posts so easier to skim others’ posts
Individuals must be willing to give up their intellectual property rights to their ideas; many don’t Ideas emerge from crowd knowledge-sharing so IP belongs to crowd, not individual

Real World Solutions

We base our takeaways on detailed quantitative and case study analyses of 25 crowdsourcing innovation challenges that answered the following questions:

  • How do we remove the pests in New Zealand?
  • How should we spend our USAID funds for next year to have the greatest impact on developing countries?
  • What are some of the services-led strategies that our company can adapt to transition from a hardware and software-centric business to a services-centric business that creates new markets and new customers?
  • What novel solutions can an international courier service provider offer US-based small businesses to support their worldwide shipping, logistics, and business needs?
  • What new value/services can the company offer on its new platform to create new market segments?
  • How might mobile technology be used to improve the employee and client experience?
  • How do we become more effective as a managed care company focusing on improving the member experience?"
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