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Table of Contents

Topics We Cover in Our Book About Innovative Crowdsourcing

Part I: Overview

  • What Is Crowdsourcing for Innovation?
  • Our Research on Comparing the Traditional Crowdsourcing Way with a way that unleashes the crowd

Part II: The Practices that Unleashed Crowds Use to Develop Innovative Solution-Ideas

Practice 1: Minimally Committed Knowledge Baton Passers
Practice 2: Crowds Offering a Variety of Types of Knowledge Are More Innovative Than Crowds Suggesting More Ideas
Practice 3: Amplify Creative Associations of Knowledge Fragments
Practice 4: Reconstructing Needs for Creative Associations
Practice 5: Allowing the Crowd to Play Any Innovation-Enabling Roles They Choose

Part III: Implementing These Practices

  • For Academic Scholars: A Theory of Collective Production of Innovation
  • For Selecting Crowdsourcing Platforms: Criteria for Evaluating the Right Technology Platforms for Collective Co-Production
  • For Running and Managing a Crowdsourcing Innovation Challenge with Unleashed Crowds
  • Our Vision of the Future: Organizations as Crowds Enabled by Super-Connectivity and Big Data
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