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These are challenging times that affect your bottom line directly. Collaborative Crowdsourcing is an innovative internet-based way of using your customers and others to help you think through your most pressing challenges and open up new avenues of revenue that perhaps you’ve missed. Though you may have tried crowdsourcing before, or only heard about it, Collaborative Crowdsourcing draws on research describing a new approach that produces a 26% increase in the innovativeness rating of the crowd’s solution-ideas over the traditional approach of crowdsourcing (in which you just ask for ideas). Based on the success of Ann Majchrzak’s new book (Unleashing the Crowd) and in association with InnovationCast (, we have designed a simple and inexpensive 5-step process for using Collaborative Crowdsourcing for your business. I have taped a web lecture at

Businesses will not snap miraculously back. It will take innovative projects like this to help businesses remain afloat and profitable.

Discover innovative practices from leaders in the industry.

A portion of royalties will be donated to charities for civic and youth empowerment.

Unleashing The Crowd

Through our book, we aim to provide collaborative solutions to wicked business and societal problems. For scholars, we offer a theory of collective production of innovative solutions. For practitioners, we describe five practices that crowds use to achieve better outcomes. This book will revolutionize current assumptions about how innovation and crowdsourcing should be managed for business and societal purposes.
We disrupt the way managers and scholars think about crowds, crowdsourcing, innovation, and new organizational forms in this emerging period of ubiquitous access to the Internet. The current approach tends to cuff the wisdom of the crowd.
Our book provides concrete evidence that when crowds are unleashed, we can receive better outcomes. The virtual collaboration of the crowd allows us to develop more innovative business models, product lines, and solutions to global problems.


Ann Majchrzak


Unleashing The Crowd

Arvind Malhotra



Several internationally known crowd thought leaders highly recommend our book because of the information we provide to new organizations in various industries. The following people are advocates of our work:


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